Alignment was created with the backing of equity funding from BlackRock Alternative Investors’ managed accounts, and is focused on working with music creators, including recording artists and songwriters, who have developed a recognized body of work, to provide structured, strategic investments designed to build their careers and realize a range of business goals.  Alignment is building a diversified portfolio of structured investments in targeted artist entities that will initially range from $5 million to $20 million per transaction. In turn, artists tapping Alignment gain access to capital to help them fund a diverse set of revenue streams and pursue business objectives under a new model that co-exists with existing recording, publishing and touring agreements.


Alignment is being formed at a time of significant change in the music industry, with global music consumption continuing to rise, and revenue streams shifting from more traditional recorded music – which continues to generate $15 billion per year to global live music, estimated to have grown in into a  $20 billion annual industry.  Fans continue to enjoy more music than ever, with music streaming services experiencing 54% growth, mobile use of music continuing to rise and radio continuing to be an influential music discovery driver.